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New Open Doors

We are excited about the new open doors in the Caribbean in the beautiful island of St. Lucia.  FMI Missionary  Jacque Antoine, a wonderful sister and missionary in Grenada, has been working overtime to get Foursquare started in St. Lucia and is very close.  All government forms and meetings have been completed and they (we) are 99% complete!  Say a prayer for that final 1% and for the people God has ready to come together for a powerful start of a new Foursquare Family in the Eastern Caribbean.  We have met many of those who have interest and they are really wonderful people.  Our plan is to open a new base of operations in St Lucia and to continue our work in Haiti with OSL (Operation Solid Lives), Pastors/Leader Training, NextGen/Young Adult Seminars, and Sustainability.  It seems those 4 focuses work well in both places, maybe just about everywhere?

SL Bay Sou Friere

Pray for us, maybe even join us, as we build our Ministry Support Team and get all the ‘pieces’ in place for our return to the Caribbean.  Most of you have heard by now of my (John’s) heart episode, and thanks to your prayers, some great doctors, and a wonderful cardio rehab program (the Ornish Program) I not only feel great, but have lost 20 lbs and am getting in great shape for the ‘race’ ahead (slower of course 😉 lowering stress levels and all that ;).)

We also have some new plans for Haiti that have become an answer to so many clean


Debbie and the kids

water problems and broken wells in the country.  Some of our 4sq wells are not working so well either, SO we have a team working on a Well Maintenance & Repair Program that will be run by Haitians and supported by a Sustainability Project that will provide income for a Program manager, maintenance worker’s salaries, and parts for well repair.  It’s looking good and we welcome your ideas, input, and involvement.  Just email me at and I’ll get you connected.

If you would like to be a Ministry Partner with us with your prayers, monthly financial support, and your gifts & skills, just copy and paste this link into your browser to get started:!missionaries—the-bookers/c1pjm

the link there takes you to the FMI support page

Blessings to all.  Keep them all in your prayers

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Return to Haiti

We’re Here! Back in Haiti after more than a year away. Memories and apprehension racing through my mind and then face to face again. Lots of hugs and tears. Lots of promises to never again let rumors or gossip cloud the realities of our sincere love for each other. It’s amazing how these people, a world apart from our own, could get so deep into our hearts. Only God can do that. We’ll be meeting today with the Caribbean leaders and tomorrow with pastors and leaders from across Haiti. Say a prayer for us. And for them. And for Haiti. God is not giving up on Haiti, and neither will we.

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A look back

As I started to enter a new blog, I read back over some of the blogs from our earlier days in Haiti and this one caught my heart.  It is from the first weeks we were in Haiti after the quake and tells some of what it was like.  As we return, we open our hearts again to the fullness of the Father’s Heart for Haiti:

(dated 3/23/2010)

Hi dear ones,

It was a busy weekend in Haiti  for us at the Base Camp.  Sunday morning, we walked to church at 6 :55. That’s in the morning . Pastor Guy had told us to come at 7:00 AM, so we were there on time only to find  a couple hundred people already singing and joyfully praising the Lord. It’s funny, because they are meeting outside, and as you walk up,  the leader’s back is to you and  everybody can see you coming. The church had been there since 6AM! Here come the Americans-John, Debbie and Chad. I guess Pastor Guy told us 7:00 because he thought it would be too early for us. There is still a big cultural and language gap, even though we all love each other a lot.  People continued to arrive for the next 30 minutes in vehicles loaded down with more than capacity. The service was great. I’m still amazed at how clean and dressed up they look  given that many of them have no homes left and are living in tents. Pastor Guy told us that the culture here is that when people are together to hear God’s Word, they want to honor Him by looking their best. We could learn some things from the Haitians.

The youth meets on Sunday afternoon. We had no plans to go, but a couple of the teenage girls  came over and asked us to go. This group of teenagers have no musical instruments and no frills. They sit outside under the tin awning. Almost every one of them stood up at the podium and shared a scripture, a joke or a song. One young lady sang a solo that was beautiful. One read a story with an ethical and moral question posed to the rest of them about marriage, and they discussed it. They have a cheer that they  yell that says “plu wo, plu for, plu lwen”. It means ‘Push higher, push stronger and push farther’. They asked me to begin teaching them English tomorrow. Even though I have no curriculum, no classroom and almost no strength (there’s no electricity right now), I can’t resist teenagers who are hungry to learn. So, tomorrow our class begins at 4PM. Praise the Lord!

Today a disaster relief vehicle was purchased. Praise God again. We don’t have it yet because of banking technicalities, but we will by Wednesday. This truck will enable us to pick up relief food and medicines from agencies that want to work with us like Samaritan’s Purse, Jewish Renaissance Hospital, Food for the Hungry, and Convoy of Hope. Medical, construction and compassion teams can be picked up and delivered to the airport and a variety of other tasks can be done by the church for the community. This is a wonderful blessing.

John and Chad have  made a plan for a temporary structure for the church to meet in until it is rebuilt. It’s a large wood frame with metal roofing. There will be hooks on the sides to hang tarps to shield them from rain and sun. It will cost about $2500. The pastor, leaders, Haitian workers , John and Chad will work alongside each other to get it done. Pastor Guy is very excited about it. There’s a chance we will meet in it by Sunday!

I sat with our young  Haitian driver and interpreter today while the guys were on the church grounds  planning. Roberto is 23, a member of the church and married. I began asking him questions, and he told me that he had worked for Hotel Montana at the front desk.( That’s the hotel where so many Americans and foreigners died.) It was a very good job. He happened to not be on duty at the time of the earthquake. He told me about all the friends he had lost, and we both began to cry.  I felt so incredibly broken that a terrific man like this would face that kind of trauma and  heartache, and at such a young age. Then he told me that  he had one friend, not a Christian, whom he worked with, that always tried to get him to go out and “play”. He said this friend would ask him why he wanted to be married when he could have all the women he wanted. Roberto told his friend, “I am a Christian. I am married because I love my wife and this is what God wants for us.” He had many talks with his friend. Roberto carries within himself a regret that he did not do enough to bring his friend to Christ. I gently led him to that place of knowing that the guilt is not from His loving heavenly Father and affirming what he already knew. If you sinned in any way, Jesus has already paid for that. I count it a privilege to serve God’s people.

Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord. Acts 3:19

Love and Blessings from Haiti,

Debbie (& John 1/30/2016)



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Our Trip to Haiti – What’s Coming Up

Thank you Jamie Hattleburg! We had a great time ministering with Jamie’s wonderful Medical Team in Les Cayes for the first week we were there.  Debbie worked as one of their Pharmacists with long time friend Val Yobbie – Val helped start the La Vie paper bead business which helped  unemployed women make some money to send their children to school.  It’s one of the things we want to get started again (Val, are you in? 😉  The medical team worked long and hard in some pretty tough conditions, but more than 600 were served and another 80 or so in a nearby Foursquare church with Pastor Jilda.  Very wonderful, life-changing, even life-saving work.  Good job team. We also met with pastors to make plans for the future and to  address some of the other issues they are facing.  We especially talked with them together to address the need for greater unity and working together to make a place for God to bless Foursquare Haiti, and to make it a Lighthouse to the nation.  We had some real breakthroughs, but continue to keep them in your prayers.  The devil doesn’t easily give up what he has controlled for centuries, but this IS the time!  God IS pouring out His Spirit in Haiti, and we want every blessing He has for Foursquare Haiti and FH friends!  Pastor Guy, former FH National Leader who now lives in Boston with his family, was part of the team and ministered a powerful message on Unity, Humility, and Words on Sunday.  Several other pastors were there and it was another God-moment for all.

We are planning to return to Haiti in the New Year to do several things:

  • To re-launch OSL in Torcelle and Tabarre Churches.  We had 47 grads of Level 1 in June and they are ready for more!
  • We will also re-start our Quarterly Pastors & Leaders Conference.  This is one thing the pastors & leaders asked for first.  It is a great time of inspiration and instruction in God’s Ways with 3 days of Special Speakers and workshops.  We feel this is a critical part of our plan forward.
  • We will also hold a 2 day NextGen/Young Adults Conference that will focus on raising up a new generation of 4SQ Pastors and Leaders to help lead Foursquare Haiti forward into this new season of revival and blessing.

Please keep these things in your prayers.  If you would like to help make this happen, you can donate at our FMI page.  click here >  SUPPORT

These are critical times for Haiti.  John 10:10 comes to mind, “the thief/devil does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy”  he has been doing that for over 200 years, and it shows.  the poorest country in the western hemisphere, 98% deforested, $2.00/day average income, 70+% unemployment, orphanages filled with “poverty orphans” – he is good at being bad!  But no more!  Haiti is rising up! (Is 60:1)  The sounds of Revival are growing!  And the end of John 10:10 “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly” is true!  It is the end that God has promised to everyone who will seek Him.  Pray with us for Haiti, for unity among believers, for Godly leaders to be put in place with this election, and that He would pour our His Blessing on the land (2 Chronicles 7:14)

Thank you for following us.  Blessings to all!

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Next week in Haiti

Next Monday Debbie and I will be traveling to Haiti to meet with Pastors & Leaders to make plans for our return to Haiti in the New Year.  Pray for them.  This is a difficult month in Haiti with elections, which are usually marked by violence & intimidation, coming at the end of October. We pray peace, unity, and Godly Leaders to be elected.  Pray for our Haitian Pastors and Leaders as well for a new anointing of serving and unity.  We do lead best when we have servant’s hearts and work together in unity, and we do want God’s hand of blessing over Haiti!   Pray for us as well as we begin to build our prayer & financial support team.   If you are not receiving our newsletter, please email me at: or

Blessings to you

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HAITI is on our mind, in our prayers, and fills our hearts with hope, that God is not finished with Haiti!  So many have ‘written Haiti off’ as a lost cause, or incapable of change, but not God! and NOT US!  We believe so much in the transforming power of of God’s Spirit and His Word that we are willing to invest these final years into the lives of these precious people we have come to love, so that God’s promise in Joshua 1:8 can become their reality – “for then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will find good success.”  “Better” is God’s promise, and it is fulfilled in His Word!  That’s what we are going to do, teach His Words that always transforms lives.  We are proof!  We are going as self-funded missionaries, through FMI and the Rock, and truly believe that God will provide everything and beyond what is needed, but we are looking for people like you to join our team; for those who will believe with us, and pray with us to see this become reality.

Check out this link for more information, join our mailing list and invite some friends.                     CLICK HERE:     MISSION HAITI

Become part of our financial support team and help us raise the $5000 per month needed to get the Haiti Mission Center going.  CLICK HERE:     DONATE

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A Fresh Start

After months of prayer and ongoing conversation with FMI and Foursquare Haiti National Leader and Pastors, we are going back to Haiti.  With the disaster and relief efforts largely behind us, we will begin a new focus of Building Solid Lives on Solid Foundations throughout the Foursquare Haiti Churches.  We have spend countless hours with National Leader Jean Bellande and pastors across this nation and listened to their hopes, requests, needs and a common heart to see A Beautiful Haiti Living in Abundance in Jesus Christ become a reality.  Our new focus with them will be:

  • Discipleship – We will carry on the efforts with Operation Solid Lives – OSL, a proven discipleship system that is being used around the world, along with other discipleship tools.
  • Equipping Pastors and Leaders with Quarterly Pastors Seminars using ISOM – International School of Ministry, Special Speakers, and Foundations Series – Principles of the Kingdom among other leadership and training tools that will give our Pastors and Leaders something more to take back to their congregations.
  •  NexGen efforts to work with our Orphanages and Schools to make them among the best in Haiti, and to raise up “A David Generation” of Young Adults to carry the Gospel to every corner of Haiti through a Foursquare Haiti Internship that will train and equip them for the task.
  • Self-Sufficiency Projects and Training projects restored to help them recover the sense of dignity and confidence in having God “bless the works of their hands,” to see Him provide abundantly and to fulfill every promise He has made to His followers.

We thank you for your prayers and support as we prepare to deploy in January.

Blessings to All

John & Debbie

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Dear Pastor Guy and Fellow Foursquare Haiti Pastors,

It has now been a year since we left Haiti and I would like to take this opportunity to speak what has been left unspoken for the past year.  It was with great sadness that Debbie and I left Haiti with so much work unfinished and the best of the work left unstarted.  We have missed you all more than you will ever know.  We remain to this day uncertain of the actual reasons for our departure, just that we “had offended people”.  We asked before our departure to be allowed to speak to those we offended but were never given that opportunity.  Although there were many factors that led us to this place of discord, I want to own my part of the problem.  While I am aware of the many times I allowed my frustration to become offensive words, and I am truly sorry for that, I can recall the many times I asked for your forgiveness for those words and thought we had resolved those through repentance and forgiveness.  I was grateful to Pastor Bellande, who forgave me many times, who said “How could we have expected to accomplish what we did accomplish without some conflict?  We walk, we stumble, and we get up and walk again.  That is how great things happen.”   We still cry for Haiti and you are daily in our prayers, and I am grieved that offenses were left unattended, simply because we could not talk together .  I do feel that we have some “unfinished business” with you all, repairing through repentance and forgiveness, the damage the enemy has inflicted upon both us and you, and I would like the opportunity to meet face to face to resolve these issues and allow God to be glorified in His church.  There is much work still to be done in Haiti and Debbie and I feel like we are still not finished there, we would love to see OSL and ISOM started, but in order to move forward, we must all step back, pray, and let God lead us together to find reconciliation.  In that, unfinished work will be finished and God will be glorified.  We will not stop praying for Haiti and for each of you.  I know God has Jeremiah 29:11 waiting for you all, “a hope-filled future” and  “A Beautiful Haiti Living Abundantly in Jesus Christ.”

Together in Christ

John & Debbie

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Hi Friends,

An amazing thing happened last week!  I got a call from Haiti!  Many of you do not know the difficult circumstances which led to our departure from Haiti just a year ago, but in a letter I sent to Pastor Guy, our National leader, and to one offended pastor, the healing has begun.  The emotional response from the pastor, with heart-felt apologies has opened the door for Debbie and I to return for a time of reconciliation and restoration.  P Guy has sent us a letter of invitation to return and speak to all the Foursquare Pastors of Haiti to see God repair what darkness tried to destroy.  We’ll be going there on Nov 11 to meet, talk and pray together.  I will include the copy of my letter to P Guy, the National Leader of Foursquare Haiti  in a separate post.  Thanks for your support and encouragement.


John & Debbie

ps  For those asking about sending support to Haiti, let me first say thank you to the Rock and P Jerry Dirmann for offering to pay our travel expenses, that is huge, but I know P Guy will incur expenses for which he has no budget, so you may send your tax deductible gifts, made out to “Cornerstone” memo line: “Haiti” to: 16845 N 29th Ave #650, Phoenix AZ 85053.  They will be put to good use!  thanks

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Current Events

As we continue with what God has called us to do, we are so thankful for the opportunity to serve at The Rock in Anaheim, CA. Under Pastor Jerry Dirmann we have experienced a time of refreshing and renewing with privileged opportunities as Pastors of a new Satellite Church launch in Lake Elsinore and other ministries at the Anaheim campus. We hope to continue with this as well as pursue opening doors to take OSL (Operation: Solid Lives) to Bulgarian Gypsy Churches sometime in the next few months. Pray with us about this. Blessings. John & Debbie

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